Going along a highway here in Germany I got the idea of capturing the highway traffic of the A3 near Ratingen from the top of a crossing bridge.

The following picture shows just 80 seconds of sunday-noons traffic. Trucks weren't allowed to drive at that time.

Source of the image was a stationary GoPro mounted on a tripod with a resolution of 720p (1280pixels in width) at 120fps. Based on the picture you can count the cars for every lane of the highway.

Lane numbered 1..6 from top to down 1 2 3 4 5 6
Cars Counted per lane (80s) 27 33 19 16 38 26
Cars Counted per direction 79 80
Cars Counted in total 159

This means that there is about one car per second passing the highway in each direction. If the capturing period would have been significantly larger you could start to make estimations about the total traffic for this location which would definitely be an great application for the Linescanner.


After that, I tried the same thing from the side of the bridge with a higher framerate of 240fps but reduced resolution of 848pixels.

This picture shows only 20 seconds of traffic. However - this angle is not very suitable if you want to count the cars of every lane.

By the way: Cars on the inner lanes are shorter because they were faster .